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Plain tobacco packaging violates the right to retain the fruits of your labour and to own the product or end-result of your work. It also issues health warnings that you can irrespective open to find cigarettes inside instead of relating them to the cigarettes by accompanying the standardisation of product packaging which is not generic or plain but normal under conditions of normal trade. Trade concerning plain or generic packaging is not conducted freely but far from it.

Plain tobacco packaging is in other words called kitsch with one word. It is usually accompanied by over-taxation that creates the impression that the state is making a profit out of tax on duty and leaves the work that is done unfinished, un-finalised and un-concluded.

However, the rise in price is not a rise in value and hence no rise in the cost to tax and produce while alarmingly on the other hand has not been derived from a higher profit been made. Such prices are highly disproportionate to what they are exchanged for. If they exceed double the value or cost to tax and produce a five-banknote is exchanged in parallel when left unused to circulate in the market only because of the choice that was made on what to buy.